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Leadership insights at work.

Sinha Solutions builds awareness by providing insights to create a measurable impact for your organizational success.

Our Services

Our Services
Custom Designed Development Programs 

Collaborating to implement a learning event, workshop series or program tailored to suit your organization's unique needs and create bottom-line impact.

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Executive and Leadership Coaching

Individualized sessions targeting self-awareness and growth for leaders across all levels to move your team or company to the next level.


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360 Feedback Program Management

Multi-rater feedback support:

  • Customized survey content

  • Manage administration, monitoring, and promoting participation 

  • Individual and team results interpretation and guidance 

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Selection Strategy Design

Identifying processes and tools to optimize key hiring and promotion decisions as well as improve talent retention.

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Investigative data analytics uncovering key insights and trends for your organization's growth and success.

  • Increase hiring success

  • Understand employee engagement

  • Measure the impact of internal talent programs  

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Consultative Support

Expertise and dedicated support to ensure the success of your talent initiatives:  

  • Change management planning

  • Project Management

  • Defining profile/competency modeling

  • Navigate and research resource options

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About Sinha Solutions

Nila Sinha has been practicing talent selection and development consulting for close to 20 years. As Principal and Founder of Sinha Solutions, she is a proud provider of boutique services. Returning to her initial passion for providing specialized talent services for client partners, Nila consults with and represents a variety of businesses. Her areas of specialization include the construction of competency-based hiring and development programs, psychological assessment, test validation, and employee development.

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